Attic Stairs


Husky 444 Attic Stair

Available Sizes:
22 X 54 X 8′ 9″
22 X 54 X 10′
25 X 54 X 8′ 9″
25 X 54 X 10′
Stairway sections, treads, and frame of nominal size 1×4 Southern Yellow Pine. Treads have 10½” rise. Molded wood handrail. “A” grade door panel, completely framed for added rigidity. Steel rods under each tread binding each section. Concealed main hinge.




Husky 655 Attic Stair

Available Sizes:
30 X 54 X 8′ 9″                         
30 X 54 X 10′

Each tread reinforced with 3/16″ steel rod. Door and frame are all joined by a heavy duty piano-type hinge over the entire width of the stairway. Heavy-duty hardware and specially wound left and right springs provide well balanced action and easy operation. Fire rated attic stairs are available upon request.




Husky 1200 Aluminum Attic Stair

Available Sizes:
30 X 66 X 12′

Strong, Lightweight Aluminum Folding Stairway


  • 10′ – 12′ Ceiling Height
  • 13 Treads
  • R-6 Insulation Panel Standard




  • Pre-drilled Installation Holes

  • Full Width Heavy Duty Piano Hinge

  • Reaches across the entire width of stairway. That means far more strength and rigidity than any other stairway hinge now in use. Cuts out air leakage and head of stair and does not interfere with trim carpenter.

  • Easy First Step Out of Attic for enhanced personal safety.

  • Steel Ladder Rod Under Each Tread

  • 3/16″ Ladder rod with large washers to keep HUSKY stairs rigid and prevent bending or separation under heavier loads.

  • Selected Kiln Dried Southern Pine Lumber

  • All wood parts selected for density and load bearing capability.

  • Re-inforced Door Panel

  • Spacer and Runner Construction on Door to Prevent Warpage.

  • Moulded Stringers, Handrail, and Treads

  • Eased edges practically eliminate splinters & enhance finished millwork appearance.

  • Safety Locknut to Secure Spring Arm to Ladder Section.

  • Adjustable Spring Tension.

  • Nuts, Bolts, and Hardware Plated or Painted to Prevent Rust, no welded hardware.

  • Completely Assembled, ready to install with instructions supplied.

  • For Residential Use Only.


  • R-6 Insulation Panel

  • Fire Resistant Door & Well Sides

  • Weather Stripping

  • Birch Panel Door 3/8″ Thick